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David Carillet

David Carillet

Comments, questions, or advertising enquiries? I would love to hear from you! I own more than one website, so be sure to let me know that your message pertains to Roads and Ridges. If you don't receive a reply within one or two days then it's possible that I missed your message. Emails about search ranking services, guest posts, and ad networks are likely to be ignored.

Be sure to check out the tips & how to articles first if you have a question about travel, because I may have already covered the topic in-depth. I'm not great at answering travel itinerary recommendations and tend to keep my own very open and fluid. If I've visited a part of the globe that interests you, then I'd recommend having a look through my travel destinations page to see which sites from that place fit your personal interests and style of travel.

I try my best to future-proof the website by not including information that could become outdated in the near future. However, the world is a constantly evolving place, so if you do happen to come across any inaccurate information then I would definitely like to know about it.

Common questions

To pre-empt some questions that might become common:

  • Can my photos be used elsewhere?
    All photos on Roads and Ridges were taken by me, unless otherwise noted. You may post them on your own personal blog with a link to my website and credit to David Carillet or to Roads and Ridges. For commercial or editorial use, please contact me to discuss licensing cost and larger sizes.
  • What locations are featured in the header image?
    The mountain ridges are from the Taoyuan Valley Trail in Yilan County, Taiwan. The autumn forest is from Devil's Courthouse in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina, United States. The road through baby blue eyes flowers is from Hitachi Seaside Park in Hitachinaka, Ibaraki, Japan.
  • Why travel with only one bag?
    I wrote an article about why I travel with only one bag to explain some of the benefits. I also thought it would make my story more interesting and demonstrate how little we really need in life.
  • What is my favorite country so far?
    Australia is my current favorite, although it is always subject to change. I would have said Japan for many years before.
  • Why does my spelling of Asian nouns/words sometimes differ?
    Asian languages can and have been romanized in different ways. Over the years this has led to several competing romanization systems, resulting in multiple English spellings of words that are of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc origin. For languages I'm familiar with, I generally opt for modern romanization that is more familiar to language students and more internet-friendly to type. I may make exceptions for a few common place names though, e.g. Tokyo/Toukyou or Taipei/Taibei.